Get to know the store Shapellx/Conhecendo a loja Shapellx

Get to know the store shapellx a women's bodysuit store that thinks about all bodies, you already know, that I love working with companies and stores that think about body diversity, right? Shapellx is known for defending the body positivity and for manufacturing to enhance all body types and sizes.

They also say that women deserve absolute power and control over their own bodies. It is a company that works with female empowerment in the form of fashion, in modelers that stimulate even more their self-esteem and female empowerment. Let's now get to know a little bit about each line that the brand has to offer:

Best shapewear for tummy and waist, incredible line with more open models, models that lift the buttocks. For those who like to have their waist drawn there are several varieties too. My favorite models for sure are the more open ones and the ones the ones that lift the buttocks.

Body shaper, already this line has a variety that meets the body variations, hips and gluteships and buttocks, among other variations of the female body.apparently comfortable items that design the body according to its size.

Waist trainer belt ideal for those who practice physical activity or actually use to model the body, in physical activity helps in the performance of physical activities, as well as the other lines there are some variations and combinations in each model. 

We have brought here the most varied lines from the shapellx store, a line that caters to you It is a line that caters to you, a woman full of curves and self-esteem, it is a line 100% thought of you and your well being as a woman.

As I said before I am a big fan of brands that think about the diversity of bodies and that are also concerned about the comfort of the comfort of the pieces, because clothes were made to fit people and not people have to fit people have to fit into the clothes. 

Now tell me, did you already know the brand? Which lines do you think would meet your needs?
Well, I particularly liked all the lines and would buy an item from each of them. 
Each one of them meets our needs in some way, be it for our daily routine, at the gym, or even as a second look piece.

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