Get to know the Cosmolle store/Conheçam a loja Cosmolle

Today I bring you the Cosmolle store, an intimate fashion store with beautiful models that you will love and be inspired by. Several models and much more. I would like to present to you the store with all the inspirations that all women seek and like. I particularly love intimate fashion of the most variable possible and Cosmolle brings us this subtlety and care. 

Let's go to the inspiring models from Cosmolle that I am sure you will love and want to take home without even thinking twice. The site is very practical and the pieces are very varied and comfortable, plus there is an infinite form of payment that makes us want to buy and consume even more. Moreover the store's bet is to redefine self-care with bras and underwear wireless and they bet a lot on this issue of self-care and self-love a fundamental purpose for today. 


Wireless sports bra collection with enough comfort, variety of size in addition to innovative where there is a whole care with self-esteem, beyond care, the female self-love, the pieces are light and very reminiscent of a care and respect with your body, when you open the site Cosmolle you already see highlighted several bodies, various ethnicities and age is very good to see a brand thinking about all bodies and stressing the comfort as something primordial. The bras are extremely comfortable, for years we have suffered a lot with the lack of options of comfortable bras where many times they hurt our shoulders and our backs with that idea of ideal support and to see Cosmolle's concern in producing the piece with comfort and delicacy is a great respect and achievement for us women.

Best women thong the female thong besides being comfortable has not lost the femininity and feminine delicacy for those who like, presents the same comfort of the previous piece with much variety and very neutral colors that fit with any body and type of clothing. It is very important to have a piece that fits our body, because we are not the ones who have to fit the clothes, but the clothes fit us.

Thank you very much, let us know in the comments what you thought of this amazing store.


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